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Glass fiber company of Lobo group successfully launched mibosi glass fiber membrane filter material

glass fiber of Lobo group blooms everywhere! Relying on the innovation provided by technology to manufacturers of end consumer goods such as automobiles, mobile phones and skin care products, the filter material branch of the company has successfully developed the domestic leading MBS glass fiber membrane filter material, with a dust collection rate of 99.99%, and the process technology has reached the domestic leading level, replacing imports, which is favored by users

after the company successfully developed and produced MBS membrane filter material, some cement manufacturers came to consult and buy it one after another. After use, they fully affirmed the MBS membrane filter material produced by the company. A technician from a cement plant said that the MBS membrane covered filter material produced by Lobo has high dust removal efficiency, stable production, comparable quality with imported products, and good cost performance, which greatly reduces the production cost, good after-sales service, and solves the worries of manufacturers. It is our ideal dust removal product and reduces the cost of energy conservation and emission reduction. The country attaches great importance to the development of traditional Chinese medicine, It improves work efficiency and economic benefits

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