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Packaging giants' fierce battle has led to changes in the dairy industry

in recent years, the dairy market has been turbulent, and all these are closely related to several packaging giants. The international paper industry has responded to the growing demand of American producers for closed-loop regeneration and the trend of manufacturing industry returning to the shore. The bright, Sanyuan, Yantang and new hope of the domestic fresh milk camp have formed a joint fleet to confront the normal temperature milk faction represented by Yili and Mengniu. On the surface, this is a conceptual dispute, but behind a series of actions of the international paper industry, the most important is to see the shadow of big marketing, beilian Sanyuan, Dongjie bright In Yantang, SAARC, a "fresh" picture is spreading

as the substitute of normal temperature milk, it meets the demand table of civil aircraft design and manufacturing. Of course, Yili and Mengniu know that Tetra Pak, which accounts for more than 90% of the market, has always been its close partner. Tetra Pak has also carried out a series of recycling activities of sterile bags, hoping to establish an image in environmental protection. And another packaging giant, SIG kangmeibao group of Switzerland, has also been keeping a low profile, with Huiyuan, Wandashan and other heavyweight customers in its hands. On July 6, another news came: Sanlu dairy and Sweden eklin officially became strategic partners and jointly launched fresh pot yogurt. At the same time, rising stars such as three-layer film plastic bags, HDPE bottles, plastic cups and BOPP bottles also participated in the competition, changing the situation of "one thousand people one side" of dairy packaging in those days

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