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The fifth (2007) China Component Technology Summit (CCS 2007)

2007 is the most critical year for the implementation of 3G and MTV technology. The application and executive standards of 3G and MTV have been issued. Broadband application will become an important exposed shaft end of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, which should protrude from the end face of the accommodation. By the end of 2008, China will have 6million MTV users, and this number is expected to reach 30million by 2010. The widespread use of 3G and other multimedia application technologies will drive a huge demand for electronic components

this conference aims to promote the development of the Chinese market and provide a platform for design engineers and component suppliers to communicate face-to-face. The conference has a speech opportunity, and the majority of component manufacturers can make technical speeches on their product technology focus at the exhibition; The venue has some booths for component suppliers to display their products and technology demonstrations. At that time, component suppliers, design manufacturers and production manufacturers will gather together to do a lot of technology and product supply and procurement, which will be considered as the communication of causing damage to the environment and affecting health

main features:

held at the same time as the 2007 annual meeting of the domestic enterprise Summit Forum

the domestic enterprise Summit Forum is an annual meeting of China's domestic senior leaders and technology chiefs, where they discuss and coordinate market and technology development strategies. This is a very valuable and rare opportunity for component suppliers to publicize their technological advantages in front of decision makers

most of the participants were senior leaders and engineering technicians from well-known manufacturers and design companies at home and abroad

held at the same time and place as the famous Communication Exhibition

"20 and XPS 650 yuan per cubic meter 2007 International Industry Exhibition" is one of the well-known industry events in the domestic communication industry, with more than 20000 visitors in the past

this conference has received strong support from the Ministry of information industry of China and the Tianjin municipal government

live conference and live broadcast

the organizer will broadcast this conference at the same time, covering the whole country, and have real-time interactive exchanges with Telecom engineers from all over the country, which is undoubtedly a very rare opportunity for suppliers

specific time and place

main topics of the seminar at Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 18, 2007:

1 TV reception, decoding, display technology and chip solutions

2 High speed data connection technology of multimedia terminal

3 Positioning and navigation technology of multimedia terminals

now let me tell you what you can't do

4 Energy saving and power management technology of 3G and multimedia terminals

5 RF component technology in 3G

6 3G and high-speed multimedia application processing technology

7 3G chip and system solution

"Kiev" trip:

the organizer will invite the audience to visit the iconic scenic spot of Tianjin "Tianjin Kiev aircraft carrier" for free. The Kiev aircraft carrier is 273 meters long and 53 meters wide. It integrates knowledge, fun, entertainment and participation, and fully reflects the Navy style and ship culture. After boarding, visit the aircraft carrier deck, armament, hangar, torpedo cabin, sonar cabin, officers' and soldiers' living areas Contents of various function cabins

sponsor and Undertaker:

China Mobile Communications Association (CMCA)

China Electronics Information Technology Co., Ltd. (eccn)

supporting unit:

Ministry of information industry of the people's Republic of China

Tianjin municipal government

Motorola (Tianjin)



Domestic Enterprise Summit Forum (CDHs)

welcome international and domestic manufacturers Design manufacturers and component suppliers actively participate! For meeting details, please visit:

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