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Extrusion coating wrinkle failure analysis Part V

v. wrinkle at the roll up part


1. Poor cutting of raw material substrate

2. Core trace of winding

3. the speed of the foil shaft is different from that of the new shaft when changing coils

4. the balance pressure of the contact roll (pressure roll) is inappropriate during coil change

5. Tension change caused by pressing roller during coil change

treatment method

1. improve the accuracy of truncation note: the minimum tensile strength value is not the working load of the chain, and the end of truncation, which is widely used in biomedical and industrial fields, will be completely rolled in

2. Make the surface of the winding core smooth; No paper tape coiling (adopting a coiling core with a larger diameter according to the coiling object in the setting is beneficial to eliminating core wrinkling)

3. Make it isokinetic

4. adjust and buy the contact roller (pressure roller), and Jinan assaying is the first choice for the tension machine

5. adjust or improve the machine mechanism

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