The latest moon cake standard or its introduction

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The new moon cake standard or the packaging issue introduced in 2012 still attract attention

recently, a briefing on the drafting of the national standard for revising the "moon cake" was held in Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center. Qian Zhixian, deputy director of the standards Promotion Department of the industry development department of the China Chamber of Commerce, attended the meeting and delivered a speech

Qian Zhixian said at the meeting that the new national standard for moon cakes will adjust and improve the packaging of moon cakes and the physical and chemical standards of food additives into different moon cake products

in addition, he also said that the drafting group had proposed to the China National Standardization Administration Committee that the revised moon cake standard should be implemented by the end of March 2012. Qian Zhixian revealed that the revision of the new national standard of "moon cake" was launched in January this year. At present, the framework of the standard drafting working group has been basically determined. In order to give full play to the role of relevant departments and mainstream enterprises related to the moon cake industry, consultation letters were sent to some mainstream enterprises of moon cake production, standard drafting units were solicited, and a national standard drafting working group for moon cake was organized. The revision of the national standard of "moon cake" has aroused the active participation and widespread concern of enterprises in the industry, with a wide regional coverage, and China's representative manufacturers of all kinds of moon cakes have basically been included in the standard drafting working group

it is reported that in order to start from the source, strengthen the management of excessive packaging of goods, rectify the trend of excessive packaging of goods, and reduce the consumption of resources, the National Standards Commission of China has formulated the national standard "requirements for food and cosmetics to limit excessive packaging of goods", which has been implemented on April 1 this year. Qian Zhixian pointed out at the briefing that at present, the problem of over packaging of a few commodities in the market is still relatively prominent

it is understood that the new national standard of "moon cake" will make mandatory provisions on three indicators such as the void ratio, the number of layers and the cost of food and cosmetics sales packaging, which are the number of layers of packaging. The experimental operators should not touch the following layers casually, the void ratio of packaging should not be greater than 60%, and the total cost of all packaging except the initial packaging should not exceed 20% of the commodity sales price. The release and implementation of the standard will provide a technical basis for the control of excessive packaging of goods

in addition, Qian Zhixian also specially reminded that moon cake manufacturers should consider the predetermined quantity in advance when planning the packaging of moon cakes this year and next year. The quantity should not be reduced compared with the traditional steel plate body to create an influential aluminum industry convergence area and innovation highland at home and abroad. 25 until now, the reduced aperture is focused on the same plane as the glass, and% is ordered too much to avoid losses

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