The latest milling cutter is integrated with high-

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New milling cutters are integrated with efficient finishing strategies

for many years, it is generally believed that the surface finishing technology has been mature, but we have not stopped there. The research team has successfully transformed paper and fashion waste into cellulose and cotton aerogel respectively, which is to continue to explore new methods to speed up this time-consuming process

we have created a perfect combination of new milling cutters and efficient finishing strategies

The taper barrel cutter is a new type of milling cutter geometry developed by open mind. The traditional barrel knife has only a medium radius of 50 mm to 100 mm, while our method uses a large radius of more than 1000 mm. Under the condition of keeping the surface quality unchanged, make the linear increment more 5. The main machine 1 must be grounded more

only high-performance cam system can make full use of the advantages of taper barrel cutter -- all this is in hyperMILL, and the innovative 5-axis technology makes the processing almost unlimited

dynamic contact point control

hypermill Maxx machining can fully automatically control the contact point during processing. The inclination of the milling cutter will constantly change. The result is obvious: machining the whole surface safely and using the cutting radius evenly

proven surface quality

Jinan assaying battery impact testing machine has several names. Compared with machining with ball end milling cutter, when the linear increment is large, the theoretical residual height will not change significantly. This has been confirmed in practical applications using surface testing methods. A reference surface has been machined with a ball cutter with a radius of 3 mm and a barrel cutter with a radius of 50 mm that cannot see the problem for a short time. Although the quality of the two surfaces is almost the same, the processing time with a barrel knife is reduced by 90%

simple tool management

you can define the parameters of any barrel cutter in hyperMILL. There is no need to create a free blade geometry or design a milling cutter based on a 2D profile. Simple tool management and cam system with 100% mapping of barrel tools can ensure safe and reliable use of these tools

barrel cutter geometry is suitable for various applications. HyperMILL Max machining makes full use of innovative strategies to carry out high-performance finishing on free-form surfaces, planes and prism fillets. Large cutting radius can save up to 90% of the time

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