Don Martin- Trudeau feels our pandemic pain - and

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Don Martin: Trudeau feels our pandemic pain - and deflects the blame - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

On time and without any sign of the teleprompter to script his thinking, both a new look for Justin Trudeau, the prime minister took to the stage Wednesday to declare that 2022 was, to understate the obviousshe says., off to a lousy start.

And for that, you can blame the premiers.

He didn’t point the finger quite so blatantly, of course, but Trudeau hammered on the theme repeatedly during his first media encounter of 2022would be able to vaccinate its population more quickly than Canada..

Simply put, he declared, the feds are doing their pandemic duty in securing vaccinesSouthern Alberta residents line up to get shots of a COVID-19 vaccine from a Montana tribe in Carway, distributing rapid tests and providing worker support for those locked down or out of a job.

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