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Zhangjiakou opened the "green electricity" market transaction this winter to promote clean heating

recently, the difference between the renewable energy power market transaction in Zhangjiakou and the general construction site is that there is no scaffold of traditional building construction on the site to be listed and traded in the North Hebei Power Trading center. A relevant person from the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission said that this transaction successfully launched the clean heating in the annual heating season of our province, marking the innovation of renewable energy local consumption in Zhangjiakou. Whether it is graphene powder or graphene film, there are many shortcomings. The practice was successfully opened, which has a milestone significance for the sustainable health of renewable energy industry, the healthy development of vertical installation and the promotion of clean heating in our province

from October 23 to 26, the provincial development and Reform Commission authorized Zhangjiakou development and Reform Commission to be responsible for the access of electric heating users. After review, 22 access users were involved by Zhangjiakou power supply company. After the review and publicity of the provincial development and Reform Commission, there are 52 wind power enterprises participating in market-oriented transactions in Zhangjiakou, with an installed capacity of 7373.35 MW, covering Huadian Group, Hebei Construction Investment, cecep, Guodian group, CGNPC and other power investment entities. Finally, the transaction work was completed before the heating day, realizing the perfect start of clean heating in the annual heating season

it is reported that this transaction is organized and carried out by relying on the northern Hebei electric power trading platform. The scale of electricity is 19.3 million kwh. The transaction adopts the listing method, and the transaction price is 0.05 yuan/kWh. Wind power enterprises that meet the access conditions can be delisted voluntarily, and the transaction results will be formed by unified clearing on the northern Hebei Power trading platform according to the principle of time priority. During the trading period, a total of 37 wind power projects of 28 wind power enterprises participated in delisting, and the declared trading power reached 23500 MWh, 22% higher than the listed power of 19300 MWh. Wind power enterprises have high enthusiasm for participation and active market transactions

this transaction, which brings renewable energy power into the market for direct trading, reduces the use cost of renewable energy through the market mechanism, and expands renewable energy consumption, is an important innovative practical achievement

the cost of electric heating is reduced by 46.4. This bike is as easy and light as the wind. It is the same as coal-fired heating.

recently, the renewable energy power trading platform established by Zhangjiakou and Guoji north electric power Co., Ltd. announced the first trading results. In November, the trading electricity of clean energy heating was 19.3 million kwh, and 30 wind power projects of 22 renewable energy power generation enterprises won the bid. After the transaction, the electricity price of electric heating users fell to 0.15 yuan/kWh, thus reducing the cost of electric heating by 46.4%, marking the breaking of the bottleneck of clean energy heating promotion

guojunfeng, director of Zhangjiakou Energy Bureau, said: through the market-oriented transaction of renewable energy power, electric heating users can enjoy a preferential price of 0.15 yuan/kWh, which is 46.4% lower than the low price of 0.28 yuan/kWh. The cost is the same as that of coal-fired central heating, thus clearing the biggest obstacle for the promotion of clean energy heating. After 20million square meters of clean energy heating in the city is completed, nearly 3billion kwh of renewable energy power can be consumed annually

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