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Zhaoting uses filling technology to innovate packaging

packaging innovation is common in the daily chemical market, but there are few examples of using filling technology innovation. Guangdong Huizhou Zhaoting Cosmetics Co., Ltd. uses the advantages of filling technology to blaze a new trail in the market. The 200ml grape skin lotion produced by the company adopts the layered filling technology. The transparent PET plastic bottle contains three layers of products with distinct layers of pink, white and lavender. Each color liquid accounts for 1/3 of the capacity, and will not penetrate each other. The interface is basically on the same plane. The unique test machine digital display meter uses the method of visual effect to make the products stand out on the shelf

according to the relevant person from the production department of Zhaoting cosmetics company, Zhaoting cosmetics company has been OEM and processing layered filling products for famous companies such as Watsons and Wal Mart. The products are sold all over the world, and the sales volume of such products has been growing. This year, the company began to test sell all kinds of electrical components in China, which can meet the relevant moisture-proof and safety protection level standards, which will also give the extruder industry endless development power. The three-layer filling products, once on the market, will win a good reputation

since Zhaoting cosmetics company has not found a fully automatic filling equipment in China, at present, this layered product adopts a semi-automatic filling method: the machine completes the filling of the bottom layer and the top layer, and the filling of the middle layer depends on labor. At present, the filling equipment of Zhaoting cosmetics company is provided by a Taiwan company, with a total of 3 sets. According to their understanding, the international layered filling equipment can reach six layers

At present

because the market sales of layered filling products of Zhaoting cosmetics company is very good, the company's existing equipment can no longer guarantee the supply of goods. In order to further improve the production capacity and control the filling accuracy, the company is now working with machinery suppliers to jointly develop fully automatic layered filling equipment to meet the growing market demand

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