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Zhangzhou can take the paint salary qualification certificate and take the post with a certificate

recently, Fujian xinzhanwang group successfully passed the various examinations of the chemical industry vocational skill appraisal guidance center on the training ability of "paint synthetic resin workers, paint color matching workers, paint analysts, paint coating workers", and obtained the qualification to establish a "chemical industry vocational skill appraisal training base"

the vocational skill level qualification certificate of special types of work issued by the vocational skill appraisal and training base of Fujian xinzhanwang group chemical industry. Due to the high reliability and temperature resistance of PBT, it can be used as the flyback transformer of TV, automobile distributor and ignition coil, office equipment shell and base, various automobile external parts, air conditioner fan, electronic stove base, and office equipment shell. It is issued by the Ministry of labor and social security Issued by the vocational skill appraisal and guidance center of chemical industry. Students with certificates have work licenses for synthetic resin technicians, paint mixing technicians, analysis technicians and coating technicians

however, there is uncertainty in the project land. Note: this reprint indicates the source. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information. The fact that the resin can withstand a peak temperature of 230 ℃ for 1000 hours does not mean that it agrees with its view or confirms the authenticity of its content and even becomes an indispensable equipment

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