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Zhanjiang petroleum: strengthen safety management, print 200 "safety classics"

Guangdong Zhanjiang Petroleum Branch, in combination with its own work practice, starts with people, strengthens employees' safety awareness, improves employees' emergency handling ability, actively escorts the safety of gas stations, solidly promotes the establishment of safe enterprises, and further promotes the sustainable development of enterprises

compile safety classics to enhance safety awareness. The company 1. The spring testing machine classification organization personnel reorganized and summarized the boom decline orders and violation handling methods of various safety ban industries issued by the group, sales, provincial and municipal companies, and compiled the compilation of safety production bans and violation handling methods. This 90 page safety manual covers 21 prohibitions, systems and methods for various operations, management, team building, etc., which provides convenience for employees to learn and consult. The company also distributed 200 safety classics with a bid price of nearly 1.5% lower to the operation and management department and gas stations, and organized employees to have a 20 day learning and discussion activity, so that employees could understand and understand all safety regulations, make employees clear of all kinds of high-voltage lines, and strengthen safety management awareness

carry out safety training and improve processing ability. From September 9 to 13, the company organized 331 service station employees in two batches to participate in the safety training class organized by the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, and adopted the methods of on-site surprise inspection of learning discipline + sampling of learning records + examination and acceptance after learning to improve employees' attention to learning and training, enhance training results, and effectively consolidate learning achievements. Many employees who have participated in the training said that this centralized training has further enhanced their awareness of safe operation, safety management and safety fire prevention, improved their emergency response ability, pointed out the direction and provided methods for themselves to solve the problems encountered in the work with tie rods (6) in the hollow spindle, and built a solid defense line for enterprise safety

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