From September 30, the value-added tax control equ

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Shandong: from September 30, the value-added tax control equipment can be collected.

after the new taxpayers go through the application procedures, they can go to the hall to collect the value-added tax control equipment to achieve "one-time success"

on the morning of September 27, Zhang Kai, a financial officer of Jinan Ruizhi Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., walked out of the tax service hall of the Shizhong District tax bureau of Jinan with a smile on his face, "The 'one-time success' of the tax bureau is too awesome. New enterprises can apply for tax control equipment. In this way, the design of fixtures is also a difficulty. We need to go to the tax service hall once to complete all businesses from business registration to invoice collection, which is convenient and fast."

to Zhang Kai's satisfaction, the tax service office has also set up a special "special area for new taxpayers" to achieve "one-stop" and "one-time" legal obligations of new taxpayers and tax matters related to the first receipt of value-added tax invoices. "New enterprises have always been running at two ends. Now applying for tax control equipment and the establishment of a new taxpayer zone have not only achieved one window, but also one at a time. There is no need to rush back and forth, and the tax burden is also low. Praise the tax bureau!"

according to the person in charge of the goods and services tax department of Shandong provincial taxation bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, in order to thoroughly implement the decision and deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government on deepening the reform of "one-time success", optimize the tax business environment, and improve the quality and efficiency of tax services, Shandong provincial taxation bureau has opened the tax application business in the "Shandong provincial tax bureau", which is suitable for relatively large tension control equipment, This service measure complements the "application for value-added tax invoices" service that has been implemented in the early stage, and further optimizes and integrates the tax control equipment application, issuance, and invoice application businesses of taxpayers whose value-added export amount in the first half of this year is not very optimistic, so as to truly achieve the success of tax related matters of new taxpayers at one time. It is reported that nearly 25000 new taxpayers in the province apply for tax control equipment every month

according to the staff of the Tax Service Department of Jinan Shizhong District tax bureau, the application of VAT tax control equipment and VAT invoices has achieved a "one-stop" service of taxpayers' application, automatic system processing, zero operation of tax cadres, and door-to-door logistics delivery, ensuring that taxpayers can handle VAT invoice business in a timely and smooth manner

it is understood that the business of collecting VAT tax control equipment was piloted in Jinan, Weifang, Linyi and Dezhou in the early stage, and will be implemented in the whole province from September 30. The VAT invoice application system has been in operation in Shandong Province since the fourth quarter of 2017. The main mode is taxpayer application, offline mailing, and taxpayers get invoices at home. As of August 2018, 234500 taxpayers in the province have received 24.49 million VAT invoices using the application method, which greatly facilitates taxpayers and enhances their sense of tax gain. (Xu Jinsong, Guo Yong, Shang Xiaorui) (end)

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