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Zhangjiang builds the world's largest robot factory in the artificial intelligence ecosystem and will be put into operation next year. Original title: accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system and the formation of an artificial intelligence ecosystem with international influence. Emerging industries representing the future direction are accelerating in Shanghai.

after watching the movie star wars, many people will remember the robot bb8 in the film, who is round and mainly responsible for "selling cute". Imagine this scenario: when you are thirsty, the robot "rolls" over to give you a bottle of water; Don't know the way, and automatically "roll" over to lead the way for you...

this is not science fiction. On Zhangjiang artificial intelligence island in Shanghai, a white intelligent service robot "kudou", which looks like bb8, will take the initiative to deliver mineral water to visitors. By carrying a flexible manipulator and a two wheeled mobile platform, it can also play a big role in the fields of medical treatment, elderly care and logistics

as the main position of building a science and innovation center with global influence, Zhangjiang Science City has launched a forward-looking layout in key areas such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, biomedicine and so on this year. As Shanghai accelerates the construction of a modern industrial system, many emerging industries representing the future direction are accelerating the assembly of the city

the giant's front and rear layout has formed an artificial intelligence ecosystem

mainly focusing on the maintenance of mainframe, oil source and control system: just in January this year, Microsoft's world's largest artificial intelligence and IOT laboratory announced the completion of Zhangjiang artificial intelligence island, followed by IBM's new headquarters and R & D building in Shanghai. The "front and back" action of the two international science and technology giants reveals the depth of Shanghai's layout of the AI industry: planting technology research and development advantages, building an AI future laboratory with international standards, introducing domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and technology giants to establish an AI innovation platform, and forming an AI ecosystem with international influence

artificial intelligence and IOT laboratory is a global R & D institution specially set up by Microsoft headquarters to promote the innovative R & D and industrialization of "artificial intelligence hardware". Zhangjiang is the third and largest one in the world. According to Yu Lina, director of business development of Microsoft's global AI business unit, "we plan to open in Zhangjiang AI island on May 15 this year. According to the different test samples, it can be divided into a variety of product types. This will also be the first laboratory in Zhangjiang AI island to be put into operation."

in the idea of Yuan Tao, chairman of Zhangjiang group, AI island has a dual meaning: it is not only the gathering place of top AI technology enterprises, but also a huge and real AI application scenario

in addition to the artificial intelligence island, the Shanghai integrated circuit design industrial park located in Zhangjiang Science City was officially unveiled at the end of last year, and Alibaba, Ziguang group and other enterprises were the first to settle in. In the field of biomedicine, Pudong also allocated nearly 10 square kilometers of land at one time, and newly planned four Industrialization Bases to help the approved new drugs transform on site and accelerate the realization of product listing

"innovative drugs account for 70% of the global prescription drug market, 20% are orphan drugs, and 10% are generic drugs." Chen Li, CEO of Hualing pharmaceutical, who has been rooted in Zhangjiang for many years, told that the market for innovative drugs is actually large. To develop the biomedical industry into a new pillar industry, some customers who cannot create new drugs will postpone their orders, which is the advantage of Shanghai

robots make robots, and the future super factory is coming.

also in Kangqiao area of Zhangjiang Science City, the world's largest, most advanced and most flexible robot factory that needs to carry such a large customer group will be unveiled next year: abb, the global industrial robot giant, invested 1billion yuan to build a future super factory to realize "making robots with robots". "It is expected to break ground in June this year and put into operation at the end of next year." Li Gang, senior vice president of ABB (China) Co., Ltd., told that the new robot super factory will use Internet digital technology, collaborative robot technology and innovative artificial intelligence research to build ABB into the most advanced and environmentally friendly factory

talking about the reasons for the future factory to choose Shanghai and land in Pudong, Li Gangman said happily that during the whole project preparation process, both the relevant functional departments of Shanghai and the Pudong New Area government have continuously given care and help, "we fully feel the temperature of optimizing the business environment in Shanghai". He also said that Shanghai is a gathering place of excellent talents, which is very important for enterprises. At present, ABB Robot business has more than 2000 engineers, technical experts and operators in 20 cities in China

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