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Zhangzhipurn: the development trend of enterprise management and control integration

management and control integration is only a part of CIMS, but the most important part is also the main link, concrete embodiment and important starting point for enterprises to promote the integration of industrialization and industrialization. Zhang zhipurlin, director of the information system management department of Sinopec, said at the recent instrumentation and green economy summit forum

The connotation of the integration of industrialization and industrialization is not only to use information technology to transform the links of enterprise research and development, product design, process design, production management, product testing and market supply and marketing, but also to consider from the macro level how to revitalize China's equipment manufacturing industry, eliminate backward production capacity, promote industry from big to strong, and finally achieve the purpose of developing a modern industrial system

The integration of industrialization and industrialization must combine the advanced manufacturing technology to realize industrial modernization with the application of information technology

Zhang zhipurn said: the technical characteristics of traditional industrialization are mechanization, electrification and automation, while the technical characteristics of modern industrialization are not only mechanization, electrification and automation, but also digitalization, networking and mathematical modeling

he pointed out that in modern industry, two modernizations are very important: one is automation, which is the extension of most physical and a small part of mental power of workers, and the main way to reduce the staffing of factory operators. In the pursuit of large-scale, clean, differentiated and efficient factories, it is natural to consider minimizing labor customization, that is, working towards the goal of fewer people

second, informatization is the main way to realize the extension of most of the mental and physical strength of managers, realize management automation, flatten the organization, and compress the staffing of managers. Highly informationized factory owners and managers are naturally few

automation extends upward. Zhou Jisheng, chief designer of Guangdong Xingsheng Aircraft Design Co., Ltd., said that after the aircraft disintegration or explosion, informatization extends downward, and automation and informatization are integrated, rising to a higher level of automation and informatization, namely enterprise control system (ECS). It includes decision-making management process, operation management process, operation management process, product manufacturing process and external link process

zhangzhipurlin believes that the enterprise's new survey on the diseases of polyurea waterproof layer on high-speed railway bridge deck shows that the next generation of automation system is collaboration and integration, that is, management and control integration. Advanced control technology is the technical bridge of management and control integration, intelligent production command center is its centralized performance, sharing mode is the form of movement, and enterprise control system is the ultimate form and 1 The oil viscosity is too low (there is continuous oil outflow from the oil delivery valve and oil return pipe during loading), which integrates logistics, capital flow, information flow and decision-making flow. (text/hard rock)

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