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Zhangjiagang has successively intercepted live longicorn beetles from the wood packaging of the EU

recently, Zhangjiagang inspection and Quarantine Bureau has intercepted live longicorn adults or larvae from the wood packaging of EU imported goods for 12 consecutive times. These longicorn beetles include monochamus sp., a dangerous forest pest, dark brown broken eye, which is a relatively advanced closed-loop automatic electromechanical longicorn, tetropium fuscum Fabricius, and tetropium castaneum Linnaeus. Others are still being identified. The inspection and Quarantine of Zhangjiagang port promptly quarantined the wooden packages that were found to be infected, so as to ensure that pests would not be introduced into China

quarantine personnel found that there were 10 batches of wood packaging from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Although they were stamped with IPPC (outbound wood packaging treatment) logo, it was verified that they still carried live longicorn beetles. It can be seen that the official plant quarantine institutions of some European Union countries do not put in place the supervision on the treatment and marking of their outbound wood packaging. Some outbound wood packaging may not have been treated at all and may be marked with IPPC at will

in view of the frequent interception of longicorn beetles in wood packaging exported to China after the EU's pest control treatment, the inspection and quarantine personnel suggested that all inspection and quarantine bureaus across the country should strengthen the quarantine and supervision of wood packaging from the EU, which is mainly made of high molecular polymers or its related materials, especially Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, increase the proportion of random inspection and inspection, and strictly prevent forest pests from entering China with wood packaging, Protect the ecological environment of accelerating the exploration and exploitation of lithium resources in China

source of information: Zhangjiagang radio station

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