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Zhaolian finance and Tencent cloud set up a joint laboratory to help upgrade consumer finance security and services

on September 1, Zhaolian Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhaolian Finance), a domestic consumer finance leader, and Tencent cloud announced the establishment of a joint laboratory. The two sides will cooperate in the fields of anti fraud risk control, transaction risk control, and risk control joint modeling, and rely on advanced scientific and technological means to enable the construction of smart risk control in the consumer finance industry, Promote the construction of safety capacity and intelligent service upgrading of the gold consumption industry. Among them, counterfeit app identification will become the first landing project of the joint laboratory

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Zhaolian finance and Tencent cloud set up a joint laboratory

to promote the intelligent upgrading of consumer finance security and services

the joint construction of the laboratory is based on Tencent cloud's technical experience in financial risk control, based on the real business scenario of Zhaolian finance, to carry out research and Research on the risk control ability of the whole scenario of consumer finance, and provide a replicable solution for consumer finance. In the field of anti fraud risk control, the two sides will carry out joint research on counterfeit app identification, anti Telecom fraud, suspected complaint fraud and loan fraud, so as to optimize the level and efficiency of consumer finance anti fraud risk control services. In terms of transaction risk control, both parties will jointly carry out research and application of abnormal transaction identification technology based on business scenarios to reduce transaction risks. The two sides also jointly modeled the customization of risk control, and explored the collaborative mechanism between marketing and risk control, providing support for the exploration of innovative financial products

according to the introduction of Zhaolian finance, the first landing achievement is the identification of counterfeit apps, which is mainly combined with the business scenario of Zhaolian finance. Relying on the security capabilities of Tencent cloud security Tianyu, black mirror laboratory, Tencent housekeeper big data and other multi-party security capabilities, AI algorithms and rich experience in risk identification, it explores the establishment of a counterfeit app identification model based on APK, provides real-time risk early warning, and effectively reduces the financial risks brought by counterfeit consumer finance apps

in addition, fraud through fake app is a new way of fraud. At present, there is no product in the industry to prevent and control fake apps, and customers are easy to cause personal asset losses after being cheated. The counterfeit app identification product jointly created by the two sides this time will remind customers in a more timely manner and help customers reduce personal asset losses caused by shortening the detection cycle of counterfeit financial apps more effectively. This is also the first research and application in the market

Tencent said that Tencent cloud and Zhaolian finance have a good foundation for cooperation. In the future, the two sides will use the joint laboratory as a platform to carry out long-term, extensive and close cooperation, promote the transformation of financial security scientific research achievements, and promote the common development of Zhaolian and Tencent cloud

Xiaojin head enterprise and technology giant strong alliance

the establishment of the joint laboratory is another deepening cooperation and strong alliance between Zhaolian finance and Tencent cloud. The two sides have previously conducted a lot of cooperation in the field of financial technology, and Zhaolian finance has become the first consumer finance company in the industry to go to IOE in the whole system

Tencent cloud has new infrastructure and new connectivity in the financial field, covering from infrastructure to business scenarios, and has rich experience in serving the digital transformation of financial institutions. In terms of financial risk control, Tencent cloud security Tianyu has become the only selected Gartner bank level anti fraud recommender in China, which can provide multi-dimensional product capabilities covering scenario consulting, solutions, risk control data, risk control systems and so on

Zhaolian finance is a consumer finance company jointly established by China Merchants Bank and China Unicom, two of the world's top 500 companies, with the approval of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission. By embracing new technologies, it pioneered a new model driven by pure online consumer finance technology, condensed and formed the development concept of inclusive mission, innovation drive, core competence and extreme experience. Its main business indicators rank in the forefront of 28 licensed institutions in the country, It has realized the coordinated development of the speed, scale, quality and general benefits of relatively light inorganic filling materials

innovation and change is the inborn gene of Zhaolian finance. Zhaolian finance has always adhered to the innovation driven strategy, actively carried out the connotative innovation of the new financial model, and achieved leapfrog development driven by fintech innovation through the deep integration of Finance and technology, the alignment of business and it architecture, and the compound butterfly change of talent structure

at the same time, Zhaolian finance has continuously increased its scientific research investment, accumulated rich financial technology resources and advantages, and continued to explore the integration and application of cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and consumer finance business, with remarkable achievements in scientific and technological empowerment. The company's intelligent risk control achievements have won Shenzhen Financial Innovation Award and financial technology special award for many times, among which the intelligent wind shield model based on AI vision won the second prize of the 2019 Shenzhen Financial technology special award

source: Zhaolian Consumer Finance Co., Ltd

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