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Zhangminghua: an old agricultural machinery with dreams. Ningan City, Mudanjiang City, has good geographical and climatic conditions. It is known as the "little Jiangnan" in Heilongjiang Province, and the famous Xiangshui rice is produced here. Shiyan town is located 20 kilometers southwest of Ning'an City, with 171135 mu of cultivated land, 75% of which are dry fields and 25% are paddy fields. The land here is fertile, mainly rich in corn, soybeans and rice. In order to protect this black soil resource, the local government also specially launched the "black land governance and protection" project

zhangminghua: an old agricultural machinery with a dream

zhangminghua lives in the beautiful and rich democratic village of Shiyan town. Although he is only a large household of ordinary agricultural machinery, he has a high influence and prestige in the local area. Everyone affectionately calls him "Uncle Zhang". They told the author that this is related to Zhang Minghua's integrity. Zhang Minghua would rather be punished by others than by others. On the other hand, zhangminghua is very proficient in agricultural machinery. Local people will consult him whether they purchase or encounter various problems related to agricultural machinery in use, and he will explain them patiently. Therefore, the local people trust him very much

new ideas of the old agricultural machinery man

zhangminghua is a real old agricultural machinery man. He is 56 years old this year, not because he is old, but because he has been engaged in agricultural machinery work for a long time. At present, he has been close to 40 years. His company's new projects and projects under construction include the 15000 ton battery grade lithium carbonate project, which has been in contact with agricultural machinery since the age of 18. He was a machine operator in the land collectively owned production team, and this work will last for most of his life. When the author asked him if he had thought of changing careers when the situation was bad, he said, "I never thought of leaving the agricultural machinery industry.". He was particularly fond of agricultural machinery since childhood. When he was young, he envied others driving tractors. When he grew up, he had the opportunity to contact agricultural machinery and formed an indissoluble bond with agricultural machinery

in the dialogue, Liu Liguo, the chairman of Ningan Liguo Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., an authorized dealer of John Deere, joked, "Lao Zhang, you have made money by using Deere agricultural machinery. When the business is better in the future, we will also buy a good car and let young people do it. You will guide the direction, and then drive a good car to have a look." Zhangminghua answered without thinking, "Why buy that thing? It's better to have another tractor if you have money.". It can be seen how much zhangminghua loves agricultural machinery

new ideas of old agricultural machinery people

zhangminghua has three children, and his eldest daughter and son-in-law now follow the agricultural machinery operation service and help with some daily business; The second son has worked in Japan for 10 years, and he always comes back to help him during busy farming; The youngest son is still in graduate school. He is particularly proud to tell the author that his youngest son could have chosen a better university, but because of his father's influence since childhood, he also chose to study agricultural machinery. At present, he works in Heilongjiang paddy machinery research institute and studies as a graduate student. The author asked, "is it the agricultural machinery major you asked your youngest son to study?" He was particularly open-minded and said, "it's really not. It's completely his voluntary choice. I can't decide for him, but let him make his own decision." In fact, actions speak louder than words. Zhangminghua's love and pursuit of agricultural machinery has been deeply rooted in his youngest son's heart

Zhang Ming will not rust and cause bacterial nourishment. Hua said that agricultural machinery products are changing faster and more intelligent, and the bones around the implants will not be stressed. Many new products, new technologies and new information need to learn more from young people. For example, John Deere's automatic navigation system, although we know that it is very advanced, we still need to work with young people to study the specific new functions; The operation display screen of three new Deere 7m-2204 nylon 66 tractors purchased in 2015 is in English, so you need to consult young people. Zhangminghua said modestly, "agricultural machinery products are constantly developing and improving, and I have to keep learning in order to keep up with the pace of the times. Now that young people help me, I don't have to worry about falling behind."

Deere helped me succeed

zhangminghua is a real person who insists on "how capable he is to do as much as possible". He said that he had bought a 324 tractor of other brands as early as 2006, which was mainly used for farming, sowing, spraying, fertilizing, stone transportation, etc. With a certain amount of funds accumulated, his feelings for agricultural machinery became stronger and stronger

Deere equipment under construction

in 2011, Zhang Minghua, under great pressure, invested more than 600000 yuan to buy Deere y210 corn harvester and other products. At that time, there were many brands of corn harvesters on the market, and he finally chose Deere through multiple comparisons. Of course, Deere corn harvester did not disappoint him, created the maximum value in the shortest time, and recovered the cost in only two years. "Facts have proved that I was right to choose Deere." Zhangminghua said excitedly

in 2015, zhangminghua invested more than 2 million yuan to purchase a variety of agricultural machinery and tools, including three Deere 6j-2054 high-power tractors. At that time, the maximum power tractor used by local users was 135 horsepower, and the products he bought jumped to more than 200 horsepower, which caused quite a sensation in the local area. Deer 2054 tractor is equipped with national III engine. At the beginning, Zhang Minghua was also very worried about the engine failure and difficult to repair. The actual operation for more than two years has proved that dierguo III engine not only saves fuel, but also has strong power and low noise. It has been maintained as required and has never failed

the high efficiency of John Deere 6j-2054 tractor is even more obvious. Everything is done well in subsoiling, tillage, and seeding. Each tractor can operate more than 450 mu of land every day, with a daily income of more than 10000 yuan. In addition, in order to protect black land resources, the local government requires machinery to carry out conservation tillage, so it has implemented the "black land governance" project. "My deer 2054 tractor has high power and good operation effect, so I won the consolidation and treatment project of 18000 mu of land in the village." Zhangminghua said happily

over the years, Zhang Minghua has made a fortune by relying on Deere agricultural machinery, which is obvious to all. Led by his demonstration, villagers, relatives and friends around him asked him how to buy good agricultural machinery products. He said that he chose Deere because its products are durable, not easy to break, high efficiency and good income. "Deere products have greatly improved the quality of life of my family and helped my agricultural machinery career to succeed step by step. Although I am an ordinary farmer, using Deere products gives me a sense of pride and achievement, so I also recommend buying Deere products to people around me." This is zhangminghua's aspiration

build a dream for the development of agricultural machinery

zhangminghua told the author that after working in agricultural machinery all his life, he has always had a dream, that is, to establish an agricultural mechanization cooperative. He said, "my dream as an agricultural mechanization man is to set up an agricultural mechanization cooperative as soon as possible with the support of relevant government departments to drive the whole village to become rich together."

build a dream for the development of agricultural machinery

Zhang Minghua has already planned the development direction of cooperatives. He said that the main businesses of cooperatives are custody operation services, large-scale planting of transferred land, and product processing. Local villagers can transfer the land to him, and then he hires villagers to work in the cooperative, so that they can have double income. Cooperatives integrate professional planting, processing and sales, so that there will be more value-added space for agricultural products

in order to realize this dream, zhangminghua has newly purchased a 15000 square meter site as a cooperative construction base. In the first step, he wanted to increase the dryer production line first. At this time, his second son added, "we need to go to the food processing production line, and we can also learn from foreign advanced processing technology."

zhangminghua planned that after the establishment of the cooperative, in order to improve efficiency, he would also like to buy the 3204 tractor of Deere 8R series, which is the most intelligent tractor of Deere. The tractor is equipped with Deere 9.0l Powertech engine, with 44% torque and 695 liter super large fuel tank, which can help the cooperative operate more efficiently and produce higher output. The commandview III cab design is also more comfortable. Zhangminghua knows Deere's products so well

in addition, zhangminghua also plans to buy Deere's C230 combine harvester. After purchasing Deere 8r-3204 tractor and C230 combine harvester, you can reduce operators, save labor costs, and fully intelligent operation is more convenient, comfortable, and labor-intensive. In this way, young people are also willing to engage in the agricultural machinery industry, so they don't have to worry about being tired and unwilling to do agricultural machinery. "In the future, young people will also be proud of this profession and become new professional farmers". Zhangminghua is full of confidence in the future

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