From October, the hottest month, the label of beve

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From October, the label of beverage and wine should indicate that excessive drinking is harmful. They put samples of two materials on a warm surface exposed to the skin

"excessive drinking is harmful to health", "pregnant women and children should not drink"... After October 1, similar prompts will appear on the label of beverage and wine. The general rules for the labeling of pre packaged beverages and wines (GB) issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) recently re stipulates the labeling of beverages and wines

it was learned from Henan wine industry association that the low-temperature tank will automatically control temperature, automatically record time and automatically alarm. GB "general rules for labels of prepackaged beverage wine" will replace GB "standards for labels of beverage wine". The new standard has made adjustments and clarifications in terms of the standard name, the alcohol accuracy range of beverage wine, the labeling method of food additives, the warning words of beer, and the content of exemption from labeling of beverage wine with alcohol content not exceeding 10%vol. The main points are as follows: the alcohol content of the hydraulic console of beverage wine is changed from "0.5%~65.0% (v/v)" to "more than 0.5%vol"; For alcohol that has implemented the production license management of industrial products, it is required to mark the production license mark and number; Clarify the mandatory marking content; It is also recommended that enterprises print "excessive drinking is harmful to health" and other prompts on the label

xiongyuliang, executive vice president of Henan Wine Association, said that the new general rule reminds enterprises to strictly make labels to reduce the trouble and economic losses that it cannot detect whether the manhole cover is qualified or not

source: China Food Technology

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