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From partner to ecological partner, what kind of ecosystem does Huawei want to build

on Valentine's Day 2017, Huawei sent an invitation to its partners -- meet in March, juzizhoutou. The name of this party is Huawei China ecological partners conference 2017. On March, 2017, Huawei will gather in Changsha with its partners in the ecosystem. This will be the seventh partner conference since Huawei entered the enterprise business market. It should be more accurately called the ecological Partner Conference. I believe careful friends have found this change

Huawei China eco Partner Conference 2017

over the past seven years, under the strategy of focusing and being integrated, Huawei's enterprise business has continued to grow, and now it is a leader in the ICT field. The number of partners announced at Huawei China eco Partner Conference last year has reached more than 5000, accounting for more than 80% of channel revenue. In other words, it is the strength of partners that helps Huawei's enterprise business grow at a high speed. Now, Huawei has proposed to change from a partner to an ecological partner. What has it changed? From partner to eco partner, what is the change behind this

why from partner to ecological partner

to answer why from partner to eco partner, let's see why these 10000 ecological partners meet? If you want to summarize the changes that are taking place in it or informatization today in one word, it is most appropriate to define it as digital transformation. Yes, they are here for digital transformation. The report of IDC, a market research organization, points out that digital transformation has become the main strategy for all enterprises to deal with challenges. It is estimated that by 2018, 67% of the global top 1000 enterprises and 50% of China's top 1000 enterprises will take digital transformation as the strategic core of enterprises

the tide of digital transformation has swept, but who can undertake the important task to help enterprises participate in competition, seize opportunities and remain invincible in the digital revolution? I'm afraid no organization or institution can undertake and complete this mission independently. Only ecology and the establishment of a new ecosystem can meet the digital challenges and seize opportunities. In the tide of digital transformation, this complex system problem cannot be solved alone. Partners with sustainable and common development need to be able to understand users and industries in order to help digital transformation together. This is the power of ecology

just like the meaning of the word ecology itself, in nature, no biological community exists in isolation. They are always inextricably linked and interacted with their living environment through the exchange of energy and material, forming a unified whole together. Such a whole is the ecosystem. The same is true in the information world. Isolated individuals are bound to stumble. Even if they are fierce and have to change the filter element and hydraulic oil tiger regularly according to the practical application state of the machine, such enterprises with core competitiveness, even if they can continue to innovate and achieve breakthroughs on the established track, is it still rare for tigers to be bullied by dogs? Walking fast alone and far away from others, they are not good at connecting external resources and partners. Even though they are all powerful, they do not go far

ict is an enabling tool for digital transformation, so the ICT industry must build a new ecosystem. No matter the size of enterprises, as long as they identify their own positioning and value, they are essential ecological partners, which can form a digital transformation community and help industry customers achieve business success

evolution from channel to ecosystem

in a word, in the environment of digital transformation, the only way to build future advantages and evolution is to unite partners and establish ecology. Returning to the theme of this Huawei eco Partner Conference, as we all know, since entering the enterprise business, Huawei has held partner conferences every year, and the expansion of the number and scale of channel partners is a highlight. The label of channel is also a feature of Huawei's enterprise business growth and changes in the environment of the times. Huawei's enterprise business explored the way in 2011, focused on integration in 2012, focused on development in 2013, approached its dream in 2014, and Huawei has achieved leapfrog development step by step, from ignorance to leadership in entering the enterprise business. At that time, expanding the scale of partners was one of Huawei's important channel strategies to show the cutting-edge level of the current plastic industry; The "special area for the docking of high-quality products at the source of plastic daily necessities" was added, and the main demand of Huawei at that time was to expand the plate. Huawei also completed this plan, and the number of production order partners reached nearly 6000

at this time, it becomes different. Huawei believes that it is more important to expand the cake, industry and market than to expand its own share. From its previous channel partners to today's ecological partners, Huawei hopes to turn its former partners who simply help it sell products into part of its ecosystem, forming a community of mutual, symbiotic and regenerative interests. Of course, this change is not Huawei's wishful thinking, but all great enterprises or enterprises that want to become great are moving towards this step, such as Microsoft, Intel, apple, Amazon, etc., and their partners even become part of themselves

to a certain extent, this change is also one of the requirements of the times. Just as Guo Ping, the rotating CEO of Huawei, quoted the paper of Michael Porter, a management master, at the 2016 Huawei HC conference, the evolution of ecosystem is happening everywhere. Like a traditional tractor company, it used to only deal with farmers. Today, it needs to coordinate meteorological data systems, seed optimization companies, irrigation systems, etc. in order to keep up with the pace of development of the times

Huawei hopes that in the construction of ICT ecosystem, it will not insist on being owned by me, but for my own use, connect with external resources, build a global fully connected enabling platform, and work with partners to make the cake of digital transformation bigger and bigger

a new state circle connecting ecological partners is about to form.

reviewing Huawei's channel strategy, we will find that from the beginning, Huawei was originally to dispel the concerns of partners and not compete for profits with partners. Because Huawei's wolf culture is concerned, facts have proved that under the implementation of this strategy, Huawei has united a number of partners. But this is not enough. Even if I don't touch your interests, what can you bring to me by cooperating with you? How can we unite people? Therefore, there was a resounding statement made by Huawei at the Huawei HC conference last year: in the huge cake of digital transformation, Huawei only took 1%, and the rest were from its partners. Benefit sharing has become Huawei's ecological concept

to sum up, if focusing and being integrated is Huawei's partner strategy phase 1.0, then phase 2.0 is benefit sharing. What is phase 3.0? Undoubtedly, the answer is ecological partnership

of course, this partner strategy is not a substitute, but a continuation and upgrading. To build new ecological advantages, Huawei needs not only to change its thinking mode and cognitive mode, but also to change its behavior mode. The specific strategies and actions of Huawei to build an ecosystem will be fully announced at the Huawei China ecological partners conference 2017, so let's meet in March and see you in Changsha

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