From October 1, the hottest IP will sell pulp in E

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From October 1, IP will increase the price of pulp sold in Europe by $30 per ton.

American International Paper Company (IP) informed its European customers on September 18 that the price of commercial pulp will increase by $30 per ton from October 1

the new quotation is:

Northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK) 480 US dollars/metric ton

Southern bleached cork kraft pulp (SBSK) 430 US dollars/metric ton slightly increased in the marine market

Southern bleached hardwood kraft pulp (sbhk) 410 US dollars/metric ton

a marketing director of IP company said that due to the recent decline in the US dollar exchange rate, the price increase of $30 per metric ton in Europe is essentially equivalent to an increase of $10. He said that the company was considering price plans in other regions

according to a special paper mill, on September 19, a large Brazilian eucalyptus pulp supplier said that the quotation for the U.S. market in October would remain unchanged at $460/Mt. A big buyer of eucalyptus pulp said he was unaware of this, but he also said: "it is very likely that the price will remain unchanged."

before IP, Bowater, Weyerhaeuser, Willamette (the UV photosensitivity of acrylate functional group makes it suitable for 3D printing technology based on UV curing) and Georgia Pacific, the decoration engineering country of America 333, have announced price increase plans respectively

will the price rise? The marketing director of a North American company said on the 18th that he believed that some new prices might be in place, but Huihao "will have a great impact on the market"

a salesperson of a company that announced a price increase said that under the current price and cost premise, buyers should be able to understand this move. But he showed his concern about paper demand, saying that only the market can decide everything. He said, "October is coming, and we will see what happens."

some American buyers are very skeptical about this. The current price accepted by a buyer is $480/Mt. He said that the NBSK price of $480/MT would remain unchanged: "we don't know how they think the price increase is reasonable."

a buyer from New England said, "we don't think they can get anything. Norscan's inventory data is not enough to support their price increase plan."

the buyer said that the current net price of NBSK is very low - $425 - $435/MT - 9.4% lower than $480/Mt. he really can't connect the quotation with the actual price. The center distance of these holes is 3.2mm. Since the beginning of the month, the price of NBSK in the spot market has been less than 375 US dollars/metric ton, and this price has decreased this month. He said, "I don't know what a quotation is."

a buyer in the Northeast said that he was continuing to buy nbhk at the spot price (it is reported that the local price is between US dollars/metric ton)

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