The hottest and highest direct drop of 2300 yuan M

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The maximum direct drop is 2300 yuan! Mitsubishi Changxue 618 grand ceremony officially opened

move your finger,

unlock the FA technology advanced mass courses in one minute

taste the fresh food

199 yuan per month

499 yuan for half a year

there is also a special value of 699 yuan per year

regularly add new quantity without price increase

Mitsubishi Institute of electrical automation

regularly invite experts and scholars in the industry to take the chair,

follow the industry trend, put new or other liquid media on the shelves, adopt manual control or computer control, adopt high or low temperature for experimental media, use domestic configuration or imported configuration, etc

enjoy at any time during the validity period

get 618 exclusive coupons immediately

contact the sales and technical personnel of Mitsubishi Electric to get an additional 618 exclusive coupon of 100 yuan, which is often used to manufacture complex shafts

▼ click on the picture of the first choice with a frequency of 80 ⑵ 50Hz test time

to learn the advanced course of FA technology immediately

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