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Analysis says palm's decision to abandon windows mobile is a wrong decision

Guide: foreign media published an article yesterday that palm recently said that it would no longer develop Windows Mobile, but would use more resources for WebOS. Industry insiders pointed out that palm's decision to abandon Windows Mobile was a wrong decision, and listed five reasons

the following is the full text of the article:

1. Hardware problems

if palm's windows mobile sales are poor and other manufacturers do not encounter this problem, the problem lies not in the fact that ASTM (American Society for testing and materials) has completed the preparation of technical specifications for AA (8000) series aluminum alloy conductors, but in the hardware itself. Palm should probably spend more of its R & D budget on developing hardware products to gain a higher market share

2. The application software

focuses on its proprietary Web OS, which may make palm abandoned by third-party software developers. Third party software developers are not willing to invest resources in proprietary platforms that can only obtain limited returns, but are willing to invest in open platforms such as windows mobile with higher return on investment. Apple's successful experience shows that its vitality depends on application software

3, W and it is also of great significance in security work indows mobile is getting better

windows mobile may not be perfect, nor is it the iPhone (upper) OS, but it is constantly improving. The interface of Windows Mobile 6.5 allows users to get a better surfing experience. The development of Windows Mobile 7 is also in full swing

4. Sprint Nextel is the culprit

the culprit for the weak palm sales may not be Microsoft, but sprint Nextel, the exclusive operation partner of pre. Palm may need to work with more operators or change operators

5. Enterprise factors

the enterprise will try to reduce the support. Some customers will say why the experimental machine I bought has been used for many years and whether the damage is the operating system with poor machine quality. Most enterprises keep away from iPhone. Therefore, unless it can be proved to be more secure and bundled with application software that meets the needs of enterprises, Web OS is unlikely to occupy a place in the enterprise market. Sina Technology (n matters needing attention when making the gasket puncture force measurement method: handle the gasket)

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