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High temperature weather kills the "return lance" and affects the operation of the analyzer. Due to the complexity of polymerization reaction raw materials, some analyzers in the polymerization unit have measurement lag, zero drift and other phenomena. After consultation with Wang Wei, a technician from the acrylic fiber department, the instrument maintenance center decided to conduct a centralized maintenance

recently, high temperature weather has hit again, affecting the operation of the analyzer. On August 30, the instrument maintenance center of the electric instrument center of Anqing Petrochemical integrated three shifts of centralized firepower to carry out maintenance, eliminate the high-temperature residual threat and ensure the safe and stable operation of the analyzer

in the morning of the same day, Li Bin and sunyunfei of the third comprehensive shift prepared pipe tongs, wrenches, plastic buckets and other tools and instruments, and went to the raw material room on the first floor after handling the operation ticket in the time setting dialog box of the display system. Since the detection medium contains caustic liquid, sodium thiocyanate and other corrosive materials, Chen Bin, deputy director of the instrument maintenance center, came to the scene to implement safety monitoring and assist in the field, so the compatibility between the two is poor

the first thing to maintain is the conductivity meter ci-4202 for detecting dilute alkali liquor. The indicator is too high. After confirming that the process foreman has closed the front and rear stop valves in place, everyone cooperates, carefully loosen the measuring electrode with a pipe wrench, take out the measuring electrode after the residual medium is drained, wash it repeatedly with clean water, wipe the moisture with filter paper, and check that the electrode can return to zero normally in the air. Further check the instrument injection pipeline. Since the root flange was connected to the field instrument, Huang Anping, the chemical engineering team in the chemical instrument operation area, came to cooperate on handling the problem. They loosened the flange connecting bolts and thoroughly cleaned the instrument sampling pipeline. Restore the installation. After putting the conductivity meter into operation, the indicated value drops to the normal value

on October 19, the viscometer vr-5303 at the outlet of crude stock solution was obtained from the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the measurement was delayed. The process foreman first closed the valves on both sides to improve the mechanical properties and reduce the gas permeability of the polymer; As a metal oxide gate. Li Bin aligned the plastic bucket with the drain outlet, opened the drain valve, and then opened the valves on both sides to drain the pipeline. After observing that the outgoing medium becomes transparent, close the blowdown valve, and work with sunyunfei to lift the fluid in the barrel to the designated dumping point. Next, stop the instrument drive motor, remove the sensor fasteners, and take out the sensor components together. After soaking, clean and wipe them. Reinstall it in place and the viscometer is sensitive

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