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On Monday, a famous industry analyst lowered his profit forecast for most companies in the forest industry. He said that the prospects for 2001 were not good, and the first quarter was even more difficult

mark Wilde, an analyst at Deutsche Bank Alex brown, lowered the profit expectations of IP, GP, Huihao, Weimei and Baoshui

wilde said in the Research Report: "my God! It seems that our situation in the first quarter was very poor, and the whole year of 2001 was not much better. The news in the first quarter was mainly about production reduction, high energy prices and weak prices of construction products."

the above reasons were mentioned when the performance of the products that were said to be self painting products in the fourth quarter of last year was lower than the expectations of Wall Street. Wilde said that in the first quarter of 2001, these situations did not improve

intelligent cable fault flashover tester (flashover tester) When it was put into use, he adjusted the profit expectation of each company in the first quarter as follows:

Baoshui: 83 cents ->65 cents

ip:18 cents ->12 cents

gp:-15 cents -> -25 cents

Huihao: 62 cents ->62 cents

2001 full year profit expectation is:

Baoshui: 2.95 dollars ->2.05 dollars

gp:-55 cents -> -90 cents

ip:1.00 USD ->45 cents

Huihao: 2.80 USD ->2 . USD20

Weimei: usd2.40 ->1.85

wilde's report points out that he increasingly believes that "in the future, it is expected to become a substitute material for the manufacture of disposable coffee cups and other supplies. In the future, the price of pulp and paper will move towards a bear market"

"if you want to achieve good results in a bad environment? I'm afraid everyone will be disappointed, but we think paper and cardboard may be the most noteworthy."

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