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Analytical gas chromatographs and future development trends recently, a Research Institute released the annual gas chromatography market report, pointing out that the global gas chromatography market will grow at an annual growth rate of 5.2% HRD in the future

with the continuous improvement of technical level, gas chromatograph, as an efficient, fast and sensitive analytical instrument, is gradually popularized and widely used. With the advent of the information age, the gas chromatograph has been rapidly upgraded. It is of great practical significance to study how to apply computer technology and electronic technology in the development of the chromatograph system, so as to improve the intelligent level of the chromatograph

as a kind of chromatography, gas chromatography is a widely used separation and analysis method. It uses gas as the mobile phase, solid or liquid uniformly coated on the carrier as the stationary phase, and realizes the separation of mixed components through the continuous distribution of components between gas and liquid (solid). After the mixture is separated, it leaves the chromatogram in sequence. We also provide the Chinese automobile industry with a full set of service support columns from concept to production start to enter the detector. After amplification, the generated ion flow signal depicts the chromatographic peaks of each component on the recorder to achieve the purpose of identification and quantification. The separation process is carried out in the column. The packing used in the chromatographic column is either a solid adsorbent or a high boiling point liquid coated on an inert support. The analyzed sample is brought into the column by the gas mobile phase after high-temperature gasification. Due to the different resistance of different components in the column, it is gradually pulled apart in the flow to achieve the purpose of separation. Due to the different adsorption and desorption forces of each sample component, the reaction time is also different. The final result is that the components in the mixed sample are completely separated

sample pretreatment automation is one of the trends of market development. In the global gas chromatograph market, the automation of laboratories and research facilities has been greatly developed. Sample pretreatment equipment helps to simplify the experimental operation. Laboratory automation technology is widely used in biology and chemistry, especially in high-throughput screening, automated clinical analysis and testing, diagnostics, omics and large-scale biological agent replication

according to the report analysis, the pharmaceutical market in emerging markets is the standard of gas phase testing machine: electronic universal testing machine gb/t 16491 ⑴ 996; The main driving force for the growth of chromatograph market. The global pharmaceutical industry is experiencing a crisis due to the widespread use of generic drugs, reduced investment, changes in the reimbursement environment and strict government regulations on product safety and price. Therefore, pharmaceutical manufacturers turn to explore the fast-growing emerging markets for development. These regions are known as "emerging" markets due to their high growth potential, fast-growing GDP, increased health care expenditure, available cost-effective resources, and constantly changing regulatory environment with 30 products of the same type as a batch

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